My dad, my sister and his 70’s porn star mustache. Charlotte, N.C., 1971.
Lori Stove
My cousin wants that stovetop coffee. Arlington, Va., 1962.
My dad carrying me. Our kitchen, Charlotte, N.C., 1965.
My sister in her state-of-the-art safety stroller from Sears. I’m obviously extremely happy to be in (assuming, given the hat) Myrtle Beach, S.C., 1972.
My mother holding me in our kitchen. Charlotte, N.C., 1964. My favorite thing about this photo is the assortment of beverages on the counter: baby bottle, frozen orange juice, Sanka and a fifth of Smirnoff tucked behind the radio.
Some of us learned early on that you can get anything you want at Grandmother’s house, even the ice cream way down at the bottom of the cone. Grandmother’s house, Charlotte, N.C.

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