About This Project

transparency-lifeguardsOther Times; Other Lives is a blog of found imagery. It consists primarily of slides taken by my late father, though occasionally some images were taken by me. Every now and then I’ll slip in a contemporary native digital image or an ancient photograph.

Most of of the images date from 1950 to 1990. When I know a specific time or place, it is noted.

Sometimes, however, the reason for taking and preserving the image — and when and where it was taken — are lost to history. All that remains is the image itself. It is up to the viewer, then, to create the story.

In most cases I have not cleaned the images and only occasionally have I color corrected or enhanced them. The most vibrant and unfaded images are Kodachrome, followed by Ektachrome and all other E-6 processed color reversal film. This rubric is absolutely infallible. I guess there is a reason Paul Simon didn’t sing about “Anscochrome.”